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Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs & Promoters Association
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Expo Overview

Triggered by computational power, humans are acquiring super human capabilities. Artificial intelligence and human - robot collaboration will overhaul the way we think, communicate and work, within the next 1o years. The power for this quantum jump will be provided by renewable energy sourc- es. Among the renewable energy sources, the leading technology will be solar according to many scientists and entrepreneurs. First ones who enter to this “first level energy civilization” are to benefit more than the late comers. KREEPA calls upon all future looking entrepreneurs and enterprises to make use of the opportunity provided by KREEPA EXPO 2019 to be a forerunner in the use of renewable energy whatever your field of activity may be. Join us to support a world free of polluting energy and sustainable development.

Our Mission

The goal of KERALA RENEWABLE ENERGY ENTERPRENEURS‘ AND PROMOTERS‘ ASSOCIATION (KREEPA) is to make the state of Kerala model for other states in the use of Renewable Energy. The formation of institutions engaged in research, education, training, production, sales, and serving in renewable energy sector is the first of its kind in India. We have been successful in bringing all important personalities engaged in promoting Renewable Energy products under one roof to channelise all our efforts together for the promotion of green energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

KREEPA is conducting the third edition of its annual flagship national event ‘Green Power Expo‘. The expo brings together the display of evolving RE technologies, current trends in the sector and interactive workshop with participation of the best minds of energy domain, in our country.

The expo is organized with the support of various Government agencies involved in the propagation of clean technologies.

We hope, the three day conference and expo will create a platform for networking and sharing ideas.

KREEPA invites every citizen to be a part of the expo and join the event during 1°', 2’", 3’^ November 2019 at Kochi.