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Alby Joy


NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats Pvt. Ltd.

Navalt is an eco-marine tech company that specialises in the manufacturing of solar electric vessels. Our ability to combine state-of-the-art data analytics with our unique design skills has paved the way towards building vessels of stellar quality. Navalt’s flagship solar electric ferry, “Aditya,” is recognised as the world’s best. Being a recipient of the Gustave Trouve award, Navalt has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible with regard to building more efficient vessels. Our sheer focus on electrification and attention to design have always been the two solid pillars on which we continue to create amazing results. We are India’s only indigenous electric propulsion system builder and we continue to push forward in our mission to build the best solar electric vessels for the nation, whether it be for public transport or defence purposes. We have over 21 years of experience and our boats have safely and successfully transported close to 2 million people till date. Today, we have established ourselves as a boat builder and a data science company. Our marine data science division, named Oceanix, harnesses the best of shipping industry expertise and combines it with data analytics to bring out reliable, data-driven decision-making opportunities for ship owners. Over 1500 vessels are on our platform, which are owned by some of the largest shipping companies in the world. As we move ahead into the future as a marine tech company, harnessing the power of data science and continuing to push the boundaries of efficiency with regard to solar electric vessel manufacturing, we are sure that the future of the wide blue ocean will be absolutely electrified!