KREEPA New Membership Eligibility Criteria

Interested organisations / individuals may fill in the application form complete with below mentioned documents establishing eligibility criteria and email them to us on along with scanned copies of company documents and certifications with a brief profile

A Statutory compliance
Business establishments Institutions/NGO Individuals
1 Business License(from the local body)
2 Company registration certificate, if applicable Institutional Registration
3 Sales tax registration (KVAT)
4 PAN registration (official and individual) PAN registration(official and individual) PAN registration
5 Photo ID of the contact person/persons Photo ID of the contact person/persons Photo ID
B Operational credibility
Business establishments Institutions Individuals
1 An active & acceptable establishment profile An acceptable activity profile Must be a proven activist in RE area
2 Declaration regarding any related closed / pending cases Declaration regarding any related closed / pending cases Declaration regarding any closed / pending cases
3 Min. 1 yr. in the business with the given establishment title Min 3 yr in the status Min 3 yr in the status
4 Min. 5 successfully completed RE projects totaling to 10 lakhs turnover, for reference Min. 3 successfully completed social projects with support documents for reference Min. 5 successfully completed activities in RE promotion for reference
C Application approval process
1 Submit duly filled in application form to the Governing Council with required supporting credentials and documents for verification
2 All application submitted for new membership must be recommended by minimum two life members of KREEPA
3 After successful verification of the application, the Governing Council may grand membership / reject the application based on the merits
4 Approval/rejection shall be intimated to the applicant officially. If approved, the fee applicable must be remitted to become a member.
D Membership Renewal / Termination
1 Ordinary memberships expire on completion of 1 year and shall be reviewed for renewal.
2 Any rejected application for life membership can be considered by the executive committee for an ordinary membership and the application shall be “in waiting for life membership” status.
3 Business Establishments & institutions can declare the next responsible official to attend the meetings in the absence of Top official, but shall not have the voting power.
E Honorary Memberships are nominated by the Governing Council