• To organize Entrepreneurs involved in and interested in tapping, distributing, spreading and developing and techniques in renewable and non-conventional energy.
  • To conceive, formulate, conduct and encourage research programmes for the development of methods and techniques and application of renewable and non-conventional energy and sources in different areas.
  • To identify, organize and conduct workshops, demonstrations, seminars, training programmes etc. to educate, train and enlighten entrepreneurs, consumers and general public.
  • To conceive, formulate and conduct programmes and publish and propagate them through media, video software, audio visual and other modes and agencies.
  • To conceive, formulate and implement schemes to create awareness among the general public on the advantages of renewable and non-conventional energy.
  • To publish bulletins, brochures, reports or any other literature relating to development, exploitation and application of renewable and non-conventional energy.
  • To organize all necessary “endeavorus” supporting the cause of environment conservation and protection and use of natural and renewable resources.
  • To act as an effective link and agent between the Government and other Authorities and conduct liaison and negotiations in matters involving and of interest to the members and their requirements and rights, and
  • To do all such other things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.